Posture Brokers

posture correctors

A NAcloset has been since the beginning of its activity to bring together the best posture correctors in the market as well as some models of electrostimulators. What are Posture Correctors? The demand for posture correctors has been increasing progressively, as there is an increasing tendency to spend many hours […]

Electrostimulators, how do they work?

electro stimulators

Electrostimulators, how do they work? A TENS or EMS electrostimulator aims to work a certain region of the body through activating electrical pulses, where electrodes are transmitted that are on the skin surface. In the case of the toner, it was developed to work the most diverse muscles in the human body, such as biceps, triceps, legs and abdomen. […]

Doing Physical Exercises at Home

do physical exercises at home

SOME SUGGESTIONS OF THE MOST WANTED PRODUCTS OF FITNESS AT HOME! Find out how to exercise at home with treadmills, pedals, seated walkers, electrostimulators, exercise bikes fitness and many others at the best prices. There are numerous equipment and accessories on the market that allow you to exercise at home. THE NAcloset have to […]

What is UV sterilization?

What is UV sterilization?

What is UV sterilization? UV sterilization and disinfection is a recent alternative technique to traditional chemicals. Allows in seconds or minutes to sterilize any surface destroying up to 99,9% of microorganisms. It has only recently started to be used in private vehicles, public transport and the like. The technique is best known and used in decontamination […]

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage

You probably know that Shiatsu is one of several different types of therapeutic massage. In the practice of Shiatsu, it originated in Japan based on traditional Chinese medicine with elements of Western therapies. These are techniques that amplify the body's own healing ability. Currently you can find on the market various massage equipment […]

What is Pompoarism?

pomp is an ancient exercise technique that stimulates the sexual function, presenting several health benefits.

There are multiple pompoarism techniques, and in this article we will refer essentially to the accessories most used in this practice - the Orgasmic Balls.

Orgasm balls are essentially two balls tied together with a string on one side so they can be removed easily. Currently there are this type of passive balls but also associated with vibrators.

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