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The new Barbie Girl collection is now available and with some news. Whether they are toys, backpacks, cases or other utilities. But let's find out more.

The Origin of Barbie

Barbie's history dates back to the 50s, when the iconic doll was created by Ruth Handler, co-founder of Mattel.

Inspired by Ruth's daughter, the Barbie was officially launched in 1959 at the American International Toy Fair.

Since then, she has been a constant presence in the toy world, evolving to represent diversity and inclusion, becoming a symbol for children.

With unmistakable style and a charismatic personality, Barbie has won hearts across cultures and continues to be an inspirational figure for generations to come.

Barbie School Backpacks

With the start of another school year, Barbie's school bags become the go-to accessory for enthusiastic kids.

In addition to providing ample space for books and school supplies, they feature charming, colorful designs that reflect the doll's unique personality.

With the perfect blend of style and practicality, Barbie's school bags ensure kids are prepared to tackle educational challenges with flair.

In addition, you have cases, bags and other accessories.

Barbie Girl dolls

Barbie dolls are the heart of the collection and the focal point of children's fantasies. Well, each doll brings with it a unique story, allowing children to immerse themselves in limitless universes of imagination.

From career-inspired dolls to dazzling outfits from glamorous events, each Barbie invites kids to dream big and create emotional storytelling.

In addition, Barbie dolls also promote diversity, representing different ethnicities and styles, reflecting the value of inclusivity and respect for individuality. It's impossible to resist the charm of these dolls, which are true adventure companions for all children.

Barbie Reveal

For Barbie fans who love a surprise, Barbie Reveal is an exciting world to explore.

With a collection of surprise accessories, each item adds a dose of mystery and excitement to playtime. For from stylish outfits to shiny little props, Barbie Reveal items become the key to unlocking the fun and creativity.

Each surprise is a pleasant discovery, transforming the game into an unforgettable experience that stimulates children's imagination.

Barbie Dollhouse

By choosing a Barbie Dollhouse, you are investing in your children's integral growth. This is not just a toy, but a valuable tool to stimulate creativity, hand-eye coordination and imagination.

What are the best dolls? famosas ?

Among the most famous Barbie products are:

  1. Classic Barbie Dolls: They feature Barbie in different styles, outfits and professions, reflecting children's diversity and imagination.
  2. Barbie Dream House: The Barbie Dreamhouse is a luxury dollhouse that offers a world of imagination and fun for kids.
  3. Fashionista dolls: The Fashionistas line features Barbie with different body types, skin tones, hair colors and fashion styles.
  4. Barbie Convertible Car: Barbie's convertible car is one of the most desired accessories for children.
  5. Barbie Dreamtopia: Dreamtopia is a line of dolls and playsets that take children into a world of fantasy and magic.
  6. Barbie Professions: Barbie dolls representing different professions are popular with kids who want to imagine and explore different careers, from astronauts to doctors, engineers and more.
  7. Barbie Playsets and Accessories: From dollhouses to clothing, accessories and furniture, these products expand the possibilities for Barbie fun.
  8. Barbie Collector: This line is aimed at collectors of special editions, celebrity dolls and limited series that become valuable items over time.
  9. Barbie Fairytopia: This line of dolls and movies transports Barbie into the magical world of fairies.
  10. Barbie Fashion Fever: With stylish clothes and accessories, reflecting fashion trends and making it a style reference for children.


The new collection of Barbie Girl is much more than toys and accessories! Yeah, it's a universe of magic and charm that transcends generations.

Since her inception, Barbie has been an icon of inspiration and empowerment. Plus, with the diversity represented in the dolls and the creativity of the Barbie Reveal accessories, the collection becomes even more special.

Barbie's school bags bring style and practicality into kids' lives, making back-to-school an exciting adventure.

Barbie dolls, in turn, invite children to explore countless imaginary worlds, stimulating the development of creativity. Well, with the Barbie Girl collection, the possibilities are endless, and the charm is eternal.

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