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Proper breathing is essential for babies' well-being and health. Parents are always concerned about ensuring that their children are breathing properly, especially during the first few months of life. Thus, one of the indispensable accessories in this care is the nasal aspirator for babies. Yeah, he assists in removing secretions and clearing the nasal passages of the little ones.

Why is a nasal aspirator important for babies?

Babies have delicate and narrow nasal passages, which makes them more prone to blockages and a buildup of secretions. This can make it difficult for you to breathe and cause discomfort, affecting your sleep, eating and general well-being. Thus, the nasal aspirator is a fundamental tool to help keep babies' airways clean and unobstructed.

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    Nasal Aspirator for Babies (Rechargeable)

Types of nasal aspirators for babies

There are different types of nasal aspirators available. See the main ones:

  1. Suction Bulb: Also known as perinha, it is a simple and easy to use template. Yeah, it consists of a rubber bulb that is compressed to aspirate nasal secretions.
  2. manual nasal aspirator: This type of vacuum cleaner consists of a tube connected to a flexible silicone tip. The procedure involves parents gently sucking excess mucus out of their baby's nose.
  3. electric nasal aspirator: This is a more advanced option and offers more powerful and controlled suction. Generally, electric nasal aspirators have different levels of suction intensity, allowing you to adjust them according to the baby's needs. Additionally, many models feature disposable tips for easy cleaning.

Baby Nasal Aspirator Reviews

Our recommendation rests on the use of the electric model. Yeah, he's also the type of nasal aspirator with the most positive opinions. Since babies do not yet have the reflex to coordinate breathing through the mouth and nose, it is essential to keep this unobstructed.

See our selection now.

Best electric baby nasal aspirator

This portable electric baby nasal aspirator extracts mucus from the baby's nose gently and effectively to facilitate breathing.

Electric baby nasal aspirator

It has 6 suction intensities. Includes 2 silicone tips and 10 reusable filters. In addition, it is USB rechargeable.

usb nasal aspirator


  • 6 suction speeds
  • fast and effective
  • rechargeable, silent
  • Ergonomic, compact, portable
  • Adaptable, with accessories
  • Easy cleaning, collapsible, reusable
  • Competitive price


  • Higher price than manual models

You can use this vacuum cleaner on babies and children as it is recommended for all ages, at least up to 12 years old.

Ergonomic, compact, portable vacuum cleaner

How to Use a Nasal Aspirator

Here are some simple steps to follow when using the nasal aspirator:

  1. Prepare the environment: Be sure to choose a quiet and comfortable place to perform the procedure.
  2. Wash the hands: Before starting, wash your hands with soap and water to avoid contamination of the baby's nostrils.
  3. Preparation of the nasal aspirator: Make sure all parts are clean and assembled correctly. Make sure the electric nasal aspirator battery is charged.
  4. Baby positioning: Lay the baby flat on his back on a stable surface, such as a changing table or bed.
  5. Insert the nasal aspirator: Gently insert the tip of the nasal aspirator into the baby's nostril. .
  6. Gentle Suction: Position the tip of the suction tube and gently suck the excess mucus out of the baby's nose.
  7. Regular cleaning: After each use, disassemble the parts of the nasal aspirator and wash them with warm water and mild soap.
How to Use a Nasal Aspirator

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

When using a nasal aspirator, it is natural to have doubts about its use. Check it out below:

1. When should I use the nasal aspirator on my baby?

The nasal aspirator can be used whenever the baby has nasal congestion or accumulation of secretions. This can occur due to colds, allergies or other breathing problems.

2. What is the best position to use the nasal aspirator?

It is recommended that the baby is lying on his back, with his head slightly tilted to the side. This facilitates access to the nostrils and helps to avoid discomfort during the procedure.

3. How often should I use the nasal aspirator on my baby?

The frequency of use varies according to the baby's needs. In general, it is advisable to use the nasal aspirator as often as necessary to relieve nasal congestion and remove secretions.

4. Is there any risk of injury when using the nasal aspirator?

When used correctly, the nasal aspirator is safe and effective for babies. Use it gently, avoiding applying excessive pressure or inserting the tube too deeply. Also, make sure the nasal aspirator is clean and free of any residue before each use.

5. Can I reuse the nasal aspirator tips?

Some nasal aspirators have disposable tips, while others can be reusable after proper cleaning. If you choose to reuse them, remember to thoroughly clean them after each use to prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

6. How to clean the nasal aspirator?

Generally, it is recommended to disassemble the parts of the nasal aspirator and wash them with warm water and mild soap. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and allow to dry before using again.


The respiratory health of babies is extremely important, and the nasal aspirator is an essential ally in this care. Because, with different options, such as the suction bulb, the manual nasal aspirator and the electric nasal aspirator, parents have the opportunity to choose the best option for the comfort and well-being of their children.

The electric nasal aspirator, in particular, has significant advantages, such as powerful and controlled suction, different intensity levels, disposable tips and ease of cleaning. In addition, the versatility of this type of vacuum cleaner allows you to use it on babies and children of all ages, up to 12 years old.

In addition, when using the nasal aspirator, it is important to follow certain guidelines, such as correctly positioning the baby, using it carefully and gently, avoiding the risk of injury and keeping the tips clean.

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    Nasal Aspirator for Babies (Rechargeable)
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    Badabulle Nasal Aspirator
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    Nosiboo Pro Nasal Aspirator Pink
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    Nasal Aspirator Beurer NA 20
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    Béaba Minidoo Nasal Aspirator
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    Nasiboo Pro Green Nasal Aspirator
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    Suavinex Nasal Aspirator
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    Suavinex Nasal Aspirator Refills 10 Units
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    Suavinex Nasal Aspirator
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    Nasal Aspirator Nosiboo Pro Accessory Set
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