The best Electric Corkscrews

The best Electric Corkscrews

Do you still open your wine bottle with a manual corkscrew? Then this article is for you as we have some of the best electric corkscrews.

Professional or domestic electric corkscrews are part of our oenology, as well as several other items for connoisseurs.

Let's take a look at one of our recommended automatic corkscrews, although we have several additional options to choose from.

Types of Corkscrew

The most common electric corkscrews work on one of the following principles

  1. compressed air
  2. mechanical extraction

The first ones are less used, but they have the advantage of being better for very old bottles. Well, they extract the cork by injecting air inside the bottle, with little possibility of damaging the cork.

The second is similar to manual cork extraction with a conventional corkscrew, but much faster and more effective.

How does the electric corkscrew work?

Using an electric corkscrew is extremely simple. Well, the only thing to do is hold the corkscrew next to the bottle, press a button and that's it! Thus, in a few seconds, the cork is extracted.

The device penetrates the cork and then extracts it, without the need for any additional movement by the user.

The second button allows you to remove the cork from the corkscrew.

How does an electric corkscrew work?

The corkscrew is very easy to use, as it allows quick and easy removal of the cork in a few seconds.

It has extraction button, ejection button and LED indicator lights for both actions. In addition many models are rechargeable and portable. Thus, they can be used at any time and place without the need for cables or sockets.

What is the best electric corkscrew?

Among the various quality models, we highlight the following. Well, despite having choices for many tastes, these are among the most purchased and popular.

Rechargeable Electric Corkscrew

One of the most complete models at a promotion price🇧🇷 This despite its high quality.

Whether for a Christmas gift, on a special date, for domestic use or even for a restaurant, you'll never want to stop using it. Well, it's never been so easy!

electric corkscrew

This one has 4 parts: electric corkscrew, capsule cutter, aerator and vacuum lid.

  • O cut capsules allows you to remove the capsule.
  • O aerator It is perfect for oxygenating and serving wine, enhancing its flavor.
  • A vacuum cap to preserve your wine. Just move the plunger up and down to extract air from inside.

This set includes USB to micro USB cable. So you can use any USB socket or charger.

Electric corkscrew Haeger Milano

You have many models. However, if you are looking for a high quality set, you can opt for this model.

It is also an electric corkscrew set but made of stainless steel.

Haeger electric corkscrew

From the same brand but with more accessories, there is also, for example, the Haeger Lucca Pack electric corkscrew.


If you've never used an electric corkscrew, you'll find that after using it you'll never want another way to open your wine bottles!

See some models and brands available in the Enology and Corkscrew sections. In these you can find various wine accessories. The best Electric Corkscrews, decanters, aerators, washers, lids and also complete sets.

Well, it's never been so easy!

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