Best scratching posts for cats


cats are Pets popular around the world, known for their independence, elegance and unique feline behavior. However, one important aspect of cat care often goes unnoticed: the need to scratch. Cats have a natural instinct to scratch surfaces to keep their claws sharp, mark territory and stretch their muscles. To meet this need and protect furniture and carpets, the use of scratching posts for cats is essential.

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Benefits of scratching posts for cats

  1. maintenance of claws: Scratching is a natural activity for cats and helps keep their claws sharp and healthy. By using a suitable scratching post, cats can remove the outer layer of their claws, preventing them from becoming too long or broken.
  2. exercise and stretching: Scratching is not only a form of claw care, but also a physical activity that allows cats to stretch their muscles. A scratching post with different heights and textures can encourage cats to stretch, which promotes exercise and helps prevent muscle or joint problems.
  3. Territory marking: Cats have scent glands on their paws, and scratching is a way of marking territory with their characteristic odor. A strategically placed scratching post can serve as a designated spot for the cat to demarcate its space, reducing the likelihood of unwanted marks on furniture or walls.
  4. Stress reduction: Scratching is an activity that provides pleasure and release of tension for cats. By providing a suitable scratching post, you are providing your feline with a healthy form of expression, which can help reduce stress and unwanted behaviors such as scratching furniture or urinating outside the litter box.
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Choose the right scratcher

There are several types of scratching posts, and choosing the best one for your cat can seem like a daunting task. Here are some tips:

  1. size and stability: Make sure the scratching post is big enough so that your cat can fully stretch its body when stretching. In addition, stability is essential to prevent accidents and provide a safe experience for the cat.
  2. Texture: Cats have individual preferences regarding the texture of the surface they scratch. Some prefer carpet, others sisal or wood. Observe your cat's preferences and choose a scratching post with the texture that he likes the most.
  3. Location: Position the scratching post in an accessible and attractive location for your cat. Close to areas where he spends a lot of time, such as windows or beds, is a great option. Make sure the scratching post is away from busy hallways or places where your cat might feel uncomfortable.
  4. Variety: Providing a variety of scratching posts in different areas of the house can increase your cat's chances of using them. In addition to the traditional vertical scratching post, also consider horizontal scratching posts, scratch pads or toys interactive with scratchable surfaces.
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cheap cat scratchers

Although there are many different models today, you can find several cheap models that can make your cat happier. Under 20 euros, there are several models!

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For example, this ball scratching post for cats It brings together various functions and materials having various advantages.

  • Scratching post, massager, toy for cats
  • Modern, original design, multi-function
  • Anti-stress, relaxation, entertainment
  • Sturdy, quality materials
  • Flexible spikes, natural fiber rope
  • soft sponge ball to play
  • Wide and stable wood fiber base
  • Recommended indoor use, easy to use
  • Lightweight, manageable, easy to transport and store
Cat scratching post (with ball)


Cat scratching posts are much more than a simple object to protect furniture and carpets. Yeah, they are an essential tool to promote the health, well-being and natural behavior of felines. Furthermore, by providing a suitable scratching post, you are meeting your cat's basic needs and creating an enriching environment for them. Therefore, choose the right scratching post carefully, taking into account your cat's preferences, and enjoy the benefits it will bring to your feline's life and to your coexistence with him.

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