Does cellulite massager work?


If you want a quick answer, then yes! But to eliminate cellulite faster, the best strategy is to combine several treatments at the same time. Know how.

The advantages of using massagers that fight cellulite well have been known for a long time. Well, the solutions that you will see below are widely used in aesthetic clinics. However, you can use them at home.

Massages help a lot to improve circulation. Well, they fight the toxins that accumulate in the skin and that cause cellulite.

advanced massager

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What is cellulite?

Cellulite is visible as an orange peel effect that affects many women in various areas of their body. It occurs a lot in the thighs and hips.

Fat cells trapped and retained by the fibrous septum increase water retention and slow circulation. For example, vacuum suction machines for cellulite massage break down fat and release water and toxins, allowing the lymphatic system to drain everything.

massager with cavitation

How to eliminate localized fat?

Today there are very efficient devices to eliminate fat located in various parts of the body. Although most are called massagers, they are actually much more. See the methods and the best devices. All are non-invasive.

Cellulite Massager – Benefits

Before looking at the various types of appliances and methods, look at some of the benefits.

  1. Increased circulation: Massaging the affected area can help improve blood circulation.
  2. Reduction of fluid retention: Massaging the affected area helps reduce fluid retention, contributing to the reduction of cellulite.
  3. Stimulation of lymphatic drainage: The massager stimulates lymphatic drainage, which can help reduce fluid retention and cellulite.
  4. Improved skin elasticity: The massager can help improve skin elasticity, which can reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  5. stress relief: Massaging the affected area is a relaxing experience, it helps to relieve stress, which helps to improve the appearance of the skin.

What methods to use?

You can choose a massager of different types, but nowadays you can buy a model that uses several techniques at the same time. This way, you avoid having multiple devices and use the techniques you like best.

Most common types of massagers:

  1. vacuum or suction
  2. Vibration
  3. EMS
  4. Heat
  5. aesthetic cavitation

For even better results, you should use an anti cellulite cream.

vacuum or suction massager

What is vacuum suction for cellulite?

Vacuum suction (vacuum therapy) for cellulite is one of the lipo massage techniques. It helps to reduce the areas affected by the accumulation of fat, stimulating circulation and reducing adipose tissue. It is one of the most used methods.

What results to expect

Results should begin to show in the first few weeks. In many cases the results are visible after the first sessions. With cavitation you can even see results after just one session!

What are the best cellulite massagers?

See below, as we have new models and solutions for you!

1. Anti Cellulite Cavitation Massage 3 in 1 (Recommended)

Este device for cellulite and localized fat uses ultrasonic cavitation with infrared and electrostimulation (EMS). Thus, it is ideal for areas of the body that are susceptible to accumulating fat, such as the belly, buttocks, legs and arms.

Aesthetic cavitation is used to treat accumulated fat and cellulite with ultrasound. It is one of the most effective.

Thanks to its technology and its triple function, it works from the inside. Thus, it eliminates localized fat and gives elasticity and firmness to your skin. It is a great help to fight cellulite as it works with low frequency ultrasound, electromagnetic pulse electrostimulation (EMS) and heat.

How to make cavitation?

Cavitation or lipocavitation can be done in a beauty clinic or at home. First, a gel is used on the area to be treated. Then the device is passed with a few circular movements. Thus, during this process, the ultrasound penetrates the skin and destroys the fat cells.

To eliminate all these fat cells, exercise until about 48 hours after application.

Repeat the process 2 or 3 times a month. You will be able to see results right after the first session! Well, fat reductions of 1 to 2 cm are common even with aesthetic cavitation alone.

2. Infrared Vibrating Anti Cellulite Massage (5 in 1)

Are you looking for something very complete? Then check out this anti-cellulite massage device with infrared heat that works on fat, improving the appearance of the skin. Because, thanks to its design, it fights cellulite and sagging, but is also ideal for great relaxation and well-being through pleasant massages.

Its rotation + vibration movement and infrared heat intensify and improve the results. If you want to use it without heat, you can disable the infrared function.

In addition, it includes 5 heads for total adaptation, depending on the area of ​​the body to be treated and the type of massage or effect to be achieved: deep-soothing-anti-cellulite / draining-anti-sagging-anti-cellulite / toning-relaxing / rejuvenating. One of the heads is a protective net for use in hairy areas. The intensity and speed control are adjustable.

How to use?

Its use is very simple! Well, just make slow and circular movements over the area to be treated.

You can use it all over the body. Although it is intended for the glutes, legs, arms, waist and belly, it is also perfect for the shoulders and neck.

You can use it every day, for a maximum of 20 minutes (about 5 minutes in each area). Use oils and creams for ease of use and best results.

3. Suction and Heat Anti-Cellulite Massage Device

An anti-cellulite massager by suction and heat effective to fight cellulite and sagging.

Its operation is based on the technique of vacuum therapy with thermal effect to promote an even better result. Its ergonomic, portable, rechargeable and wireless design makes it easy to use, adapting well to every area of ​​the body.

Just place it on the skin making slow and continuous movements. The device has various levels of suction and heat with indicator lights. Ideal for legs, buttocks, waist, abdomen and arms. Must be used with oils or lotions (not included) to help glide over skin. It has an extra long USB to micro USB cable. Plus, it includes replacement washable clips, caps and filters to prevent lotions and oils from penetrating the device and causing any damage.

4. Cellulite Vacuotherapy Pro Massager

This practical and effective device is based on the vacuum therapy technique. It consists of constant massage and suction movements that help reduce cellulite.

Thus, the skin regains its natural elasticity and firmness, reducing sagging and signs of aging.

Use with citrus oil, which should be applied to the skin before massage. In addition, you can use an anti-cellulite cream after use, in order to obtain better results.

5. Cellulite Massager

This massager is also very complete. It is effective to eliminate localized fat, quickly reducing cellulite through vibration massages.

In addition, this cellulite massager has several heads, making it perfect for other body massages and for the foot care.

6. Sauna to reduce cellulite

The sauna also has a beneficial effect on the reduction and prevention of cellulite. Because, since cellulite is caused by accumulation of fats and toxins, the sauna has a beneficial effect. If you like sauna, then you can now practice it at home with this Infrared Sauna Thermal Blanket.

Since the sauna makes the body sweat intensely, many toxins are released with perspiration caused by the sauna blanket. Make sure, however, to drink plenty of fluids afterwards, as the sauna causes them to be lost.

Which cellulite massager is the best?

Although the devices above are highlighted for their effectiveness, in our opinion, the triple massager that uses cavitation is possibly the best. Yeah, it uses a technology that can give faster results.

triple cellulite massager
Triple Massager


You have just seen some of the best massagers to reduce cellulite. Well, from the simplest massagers to the most complete ones, you can choose any of them and get very good results.

OVPro water therapy: 5 on 1 and that of cavitation (3 in 1) are our favorites. But, all were chosen as being the best in reducing cellulite.

See also our article “What is and how to do Aesthetic Cavitation".

We have cellulite creams, several special products, as well as several advanced devices to reduce cellulite. Be sure to visit all of our anti cellulite products!


There are many studies on the technique of vacuum therapy and cellulite reduction or elimination in general. For more detailed information, you can, for example, consult the Cellulite Institute, where you can find studies on the various medical techniques available, such as cavitation, vacuotherapy, etc.

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