Electric Face Massager, benefits and how to use

Electric Face Massager, benefits and how to use

The face massager has entered the facial care routine. Well, its effect is incredible according to the opinion of many users. In addition, it can be used at home, or anywhere.

Find out what it is, how to use it and its benefits.

Massager Models

You can find different models of face massagers. Cleansing brushes, jade rollers, vibrating facial devices, etc. You will see more types below.

Massager Models
Jade Facial Rejuvenator

Among the most advanced are massagers and rejuvenators. They use really high technology. Some are multifunctional and use Radiofrequency, Phototherapy and Electrostimulation. So, see below this one.

Face Massager and Rejuvenator (Highlight)

This amazing device is used in good aesthetic clinics. With it, you get the best facial rejuvenator. Furthermore, it is very simple to use.

Benefits of the Face Massager

There are many benefits that you can get with a device of this type. See the main ones.

  1. Eliminate blemishes on the skin.
  2. Accelerate facial skin regeneration.
  3. Reduce expression lines,
  4. Combat and prevent wrinkles.
  5. Greater elasticity, firmness and luminosity of your skin.

In addition, you will also have positive effects on acne, blackheads and redness.

How the Face Massager Works

The phototherapy treatment has 6 LED light modes with different functions and effects on the skin, which are explained in the included manual (red, green, blue, yellow, pink, flashing pink).

Some people use only red for anti-aging results, but you can opt for another or several colors.

How the Face Massager Works

Radiofrequency and electrostimulation (FR/EMS) treatments reach the deepest layers of the skin. They work together with the chosen light therapy, with 5 levels of intensity.

The Face Massager also has an LCD screen

Its lightweight and portable design makes it very practical. The Face Massager also has an LCD screen and automatically turns off. Furthermore, it is rechargeable.

How to use the Face Massager

With this face rejuvenator you can apply any kind of creams on your face. The most common use is to make a mixture of the products you intend to apply. Well, serums, vitamins, retinol, collagen and even hyaluronic acid can be applied with this device.

How to use the Face Massager

However, you can use the device to apply just your usual face cream. Thus, your cream will penetrate your skin more and the device will have a rejuvenating effect. The advanced triple therapy offers good results from the first applications.

In summary:

  1. Mix the intended products.
  2. Optionally, you can add a conductive gel. Well, this can enhance the results of the EMS technology.
  3. Clean the skin of the face well.
  4. Apply the products (your cream or the mixture) with the face massager. Just apply light pressure and gentle, circular movements over the skin you want to treat.

A maximum daily use of 10 minutes is recommended. Regular use with 2 or 3 applications per week will have a very positive effect.

Types of Face Massagers

Here is a summary of the most common types of face massagers:

  1. Jade or rose quartz roller: They are made of natural stones such as jade or rose quartz. They help improve blood circulation, reduce puffiness, promote the absorption of skin care products, and provide a relaxing effect.
  1. microcurrent devices: These use low-intensity electrical currents to stimulate facial muscles and promote skin firmness. They help tone muscles, improve circulation, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging.
  2. Rollers with interchangeable textures or tips: These are rollers with interchangeable textures or ends, which offer different benefits for the skin. Some may have soft silicone tips for facial cleansing, while others have specific textures to stimulate circulation and improve penetration of skin care products. There are cold models and even some special ones.
  3. facial cleaning brushes: They use soft bristles to do a deeper cleaning of the skin. They gently remove impurities, dead cells and makeup residue, leaving skin clean and revitalized.
  4. light therapy devices: They use LED lights of different colors to treat different skin problems. Each light color has a specific benefit such as acne reduction, collagen stimulation, skin lightening or redness reduction.

Our face massager highlighted uses both systems, micro current and light therapy.


You've just seen one of the best electric face massagers (and rejuvenators) on the market. It is very simple to use and so it can be part of your beauty routine. Well, you can apply your usual creams before makeup with this device.

It has made its way into many people's facial care routines, and for good reason. Its incredible effect, according to the opinion of many users, made it a must-have item.

One of the highlights among face massagers is the Jade Facial Rejuvenator. This amazing device is used in good aesthetic clinics and provides amazing results. Furthermore, its simplicity of use makes it accessible to anyone.

All in all, the face massager is a powerful tool to improve your skin care routine. With its many types and benefits, you can choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences. Try Featured Rejuvenator and enjoy rejuvenated, radiant skin. Discover more massager models in our dedicated section and take your beauty routine to the next level. Invest in yourself and your skin with the perfect face massager for you.

in the section of massagers you can find many others, such as the models below.