Women's School Backpacks


Women's school bags are the perfect choice for girls looking for a modern and practical style to carry their belongings to school. You will find models with an elegant and functional design. In addition, these backpacks must provide enough space to store books, notebooks, snacks, and other items needed during the school day.

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Best Women's School Backpacks

Although many backpacks are unisex, there are some brands of backpacks that are more geared towards girls. This happens more, especially in children's and children's backpacks. Because there are brands that the little ones love and of good quality.

Brands and models of Women's Backpacks

See now some of the recommended backpacks. There are models with wheels and without. Some of these backpacks exist in both options.

In addition to the examples below, you can find many other brands and models in our online store.

School Backpacks with Trolley

School backpacks with wheels (trolley) are very practical for transporting books and school materials, as they are more comfortable for the shoulders and back. Also, by using wheels, the backpack's weight is distributed more evenly, reducing pressure on your back and preventing pain or injury.

Still, you have models with and without and even types where the trolley can be removed and used as an option.

See some.


If you are looking for a backpack Frozen with wheels, you have several models. In addition, this brand has beautiful backpacks with and without wheels.


The brand Milan offers women's school bags with and without wheels. Some are full of divisions, making them very comfortable for school.

Milan offers some models of women's backpacks with and without wheels
LOL Surprise

Na LOL Surprise, you can also find excellent women's school bags. Some already have a side bottle holder pocket.

LOL Surprise, you can also find excellent women's backpacks

A Benetton, currently offers good unisex backpacks, some of which are more feminine in style.

Minnie Mouse

On women's school bags, the brand Minnie Mouse of Disney is unavoidable for the little ones and not only. Because you can find almost all kinds of backpacks. Backpacks with wheels, without wheels, reinforced, etc.

Minnie Mouse Backpack

A Vicky it also has high quality female backpacks. With padding, adjustment system and even with a removable trolley.

vicky backpack
Barbie Girl

The School Backpacks Barbie Girl Pink, they are also very popular.

barbie girl backpack

rucksacks without wheels


For example, the Frozen is a brand that has several women's school bags. Some include 2 pieces (backpack and case), such as the model below.

Frozen is a brand that has several women's school bags

One of the unavoidable backpack brands is Eastpak. Well, they have backpacks that are considered almost indestructible, of great quality. You can also read our article “Eastpak's Best Backpacks: Rugged, Durable".

eastpak backpack
disney princesses

Da disney princesses, you can find some models of female school backpacks that are very popular with girls. It also has school bags and other branded accessories.

disney princess backpack

A Fortnite has very nice backpacks, especially for fans of the game. You can find models that are appreciated by both girls and boys and of different ages. For example, the model below is also quilted and includes black and pink.

Fortnite backpack
Harry Potter

the backpacks Harry Potter, both male and female are sought after. This is one of many templates. From this brand you have backpacks of all kinds and for all ages.

harry potter backpacks
Peppa Pig

A Peppa Pig is a brand that has conquered millions of children. Yeah, it's the cartoon of the famosa story of a cute little pig and her friends. Most of the brand's backpacks are the preschool type.

These are just a few examples of women's school bags, as you can find many other models and brands in our school bags.

With a variety of colors, styles and sizes available, you'll find the perfect backpack to suit your needs. Well, from sober and classic options to more daring and colorful models, there is a backpack for all tastes and personalities.

Buy School Backpacks Online

In our online store you will find numerous types of backpacks and brands.


Backpack size guide

The ideal dimensions of a school backpack depend on many factors. However, you can use the following general table with backpack sizes that are usually suitable for certain age groups.

These values ​​are just a starting guide with average values.

1-3 years20 to 30up to 8
3-6 years30 x 25 x 128-12
7-10 years35 x 30 x 1512-18
11-14 years40 x 35 x 1818-30
15 years and over45 x 40 x 2025-35

For example, backpacks for ages under 3 are typically used for transport to a nursery and to accompany the baby.

Preschool backpacks, typically for children between the ages of 3 and 6, are around 28 to 34 cm high.

The most typical school backpacks and for ages 7 and up are around 35 to 44 cm high.

Also, keep in mind that backpacks must not weigh more than 10% of the child's weight.

Preschool Backpacks

A preschool backpack is designed for children aged between 2 and 6 years. Because they have specific characteristics to meet the needs and comfort of children in this age group.

Preschool backpacks are around 28 to 34 cm high by about 25 cm wide.

See some of the models.

School backpacks 1 cycle

Choosing the right backpack can be a difficult task, especially for parents of children who are in the 1st cycle. In addition to the right size and materials, there are features that make a school bag suitable for elementary school, including:

  • several compartments: A multi-compartment backpack can help keep school supplies organized and within easy reach.
  • Reflectors: Backpacks with reflectors can make children more visible when walking to school or in low-light areas.
  • Rhodes: A backpack with wheels may be a more comfortable option for children.

For the 1st cycle, the backpack must have a capacity of up to 15 liters and a maximum weight of 1,5 kg. In addition, the backpack size should be proportionate to the size of the child and should not exceed waist level.


You have just seen several women's school bags as well as some models and brands.

In summary, women's school bags are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a versatile, comfortable and stylish accessory to carry their belongings to school. With a wide variety of styles, you'll find the perfect backpack to suit your needs.

See also a sample of available backpacks and even several useful accessories. In addition, you can see these and many others in our section of fashion and accessories.

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