How to face the heat and dry weather?

How to weather the heat and dry weather

What to do to face the heat and dry weather, on those most difficult days? And a heat wave? How to cool the room and sleep better? There are therefore several very practical and low-cost ways. Let's see some of them!

What to do when it's too hot

On the hottest days, even when we are at home, you can and should:

  1. Drink water frequently.
  2. Reduce the temperature of your home.
  3. Increase humidity.

Temperature and humidity are linked, because when the weather gets too hot the air starts to get drier. If you are experiencing a heat wave, then you should use a quick method of cooling and humidifying the air.

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But what is dry air and what to do?

With the rise in temperature, the relative humidity (which affects humans) tends to reduce. If you are in an environment with a relative humidity below 30%, you may start to experience not only difficulty breathing but also a sore throat.

Well, the relative humidity should be between 40% and 60% on average to have a good environment. Always have a good humidity and temperature meter, as you will see that this will help a lot (you can see for example a weather station).

example a weather station

Homemade Refreshment Solution

The simplest way to increase the (relative) humidity of the air to comfortable levels is to inject it with water. This is something you can always do, as all you need is water!

For example, if you have a wide container full of water, this will evaporate making the air less dry. This also happens when, for example, you wash the floor of your house on a very hot day, as evaporation will make the air less dry. But, there are devices that do just that!

Solutions to cool environments

There are several devices that can help maintain a pleasant climate both in terms of temperature and humidity, including good alternatives to air conditioning. Check out some of the most common ones!

1. Nebulizer and conventional fans

The nebulizer fans can work like normal fans, but adding water to your tank will give you a much cooler environment. Well, water is pulverized and small droplets refresh the environment.

Nebulizer and conventional fans

In this way, these nebulizer fans can cool the environment and reduce dry air very quickly, being a great help to face the heat and dry weather.

In our section of air conditioning and fans you can find several models, such as the nebulizer fan from the previous figure.

So, if you are facing a heat wave, this is a quick and simple solution.

But see more!

fan without blades

If you prefer a more conventional fan, you can also opt for a fan without blades. Well, these are manufactured in such a way that they don't have blades and thus are safer and static! For example, this model fan without blades it is also air purifying and very complete.

fan without blades

2. Evaporative Air Conditioners

Evaporative air conditioners have been replacing portable air conditioners, as they are much more efficient. These devices are nowadays the best alternative to air conditioning.

evaporative coolers

Evaporative air conditioners are ecological, as their energy consumption is much lower than conventional air conditioners. In addition, they are less noisy, without installation and more portable, as they do not have air drain pipes.

Some models have an ionizer and filtration system. This way you improve the quality of the ambient air, as is the case with climate from the previous figure.


  • Very efficient, low consumption
  • Long-lasting water tank
  • Reduced purchase price
  • Portable and no installation
  • Silent
  • Good for humidifying dry air

The drier the air, the better result you will get with an air conditioner of this type! You know. With it you are putting more water in the air.

3. Humidifiers

You might also consider using humidifiers, as they are devices that release some moisture into the air from their water tank. There are from small humidifiers also widely used for releasing aromas to more complex devices.


Even so, our choice falls on evaporative coolers and nebulizer fans. Well, these are a quick and natural way to make the environment more pleasant and healthy, especially on hot days.

4. Air Conditioning

Most air conditioners already have a humidifier function, as they are able to reduce the temperature without the air becoming too dry. However, if you are looking for a way to face the heat and dry weather for just a few days, you can opt for one or several of the above options.

air conditioning

Pros and Cons of Portable Air Conditioning

When making your choice for a portable air conditioner, you should take into account the following advantages and disadvantages compared to outdoor appliances, but you also have the other options that we have mentioned.


  • Relatively quick installation
  • no outdoor unit


  • Less cooling capacity compared to conventional air conditioning
  • They are noisy devices
  • Exposed pipes up to a window
  • small water tank


Whether you use air conditioners, nebulizer fans, evaporative coolers, you have several options to choose from to face the hottest days and dry weather. Although our suggestion is fans for their speed and air conditioners for being very efficient, you can combine several solutions.

Facing a heat wave thus becomes much more bearable and even pleasant!

See some of our highlights below.

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    Cecotec EnergySilence PureTech 6500 500 m3/h 12 L White Evaporative Climatizer
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    Tristar AT5468 45W 8L Evaporative Air Conditioner
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    Tristar AT5445 65W 4 L Evaporative Air Conditioner
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    Tristar AT5465 60W 9 L Evaporative Air Conditioner
  • S0429759_0
    Evaporative Air Conditioner Group FM 7 L 65 W
  • S0438466_0
    Universal Nebulizer Fan Blue CANDANCHU 3075 75W
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    Fan Without Blades with Purifier
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    EnergySilence 790 FreshEssence Ionic Nebulizer Fan 90 W
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    Nebulizer Fan Group FM ND-95 1,8 L 95W (Ø 40 cm) (Grey)
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    Evaporative Climate Control (4,5 L 70W)
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    Nebulizer Fan Group FM CI-260N 41 L 230W (Black)
  • V1705341_0
    Nebulizer Fan
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