How to water plants while on vacation?

How to water plants while on vacation

You don't know how to water your plants while on vacation? Going on vacation and afraid for your plants? There are several ways you can water your plants!

You can use simple and inexpensive methods that consist of buying some automatic irrigation bubbles or a drip irrigation system.

So, see each one of them!

1. Globes for Watering Plants

Um automatic irrigation system (pack of 2 units) innovative and simple to water your plants during the holidays and effortlessly. Well, he who captures the earth's oxygen present in the vase and uses that same amount of water.

This watering principle is also used by gardeners and even on cultivated land and in many vegetable gardens.

Globes for Watering Plants

The globes supply the water, drop by drop (drip irrigation), over several days, keeping the plants always well hydrated.

Because, incredibly efficient and practical, these watering globes make anyone's gardening tasks simpler.

For more information and purchase of this irrigation system, just consult the links below.

A simple and decorative way that ensures your flowers and plants are watered and hydrated all year round.

Well, just fill the watering balls with water and place them next to each of your plants!

2. New Automatic Watering Globes

The new automatic watering globes come in sets of 4 colored units. They are an excellent invention for watering plants, as they capture oxygen from the soil in the pot and provide just the right amount of water.

New Automatic Watering Globes

How to use

These decorative sprinkler bubbles they are very easy to use. Plants must be watered beforehand.

Then, fill the spheres with water and place them in the soil of the pots, pressing down hard. The globes will gradually release water on the earth for some time, with a duration that can vary between 4 and 5 days, approximately.

The ideal solution to free yourself from the task of watering plants in person and manually for several days, ensuring their correct and continuous hydration. One watering method effective for watering plants automatically, which makes it easier to be away from home during trips, vacations, etc.

3. Automatic drip irrigation system

In addition to the watering globes, you can also opt for the drip irrigation system. Well, it is automatic, original and complete and allows you to water up to 8 plants in a practical and simple way.

Well, it's a more modern model, which gives you the ability to control how much water each plant receives and how often!

This automatic drip irrigation system for garden, it is perfect for those who are going to travel for a long time. It is also useful if you just want to regulate the amount of water your plants need without worry.

Automatic drip irrigation system

Thus, in addition to saving water, time and effort, it takes the headache out of having to water the plants manually, which is a great help to carry out this task more easily and safely, without forgetting or becoming a burden.

You can use this drip irrigation system in everyday life or while on vacation.

How does it work?

To be able to use it, all you need is the complete kit supplied and any water reservoir, such as a demijohn. Just it! Well, the system includes hoses, irrigation tubes, adapters and even 8 irrigation points.

This watering device is rechargeable (includes a USB to micro USB charging cable) and programmable. Well, it has a digital timer to indicate the interval between watering days (from 1 to 9 days). In addition, you can choose the desired watering duration in seconds.

plant watering kit


In this article “How to water plants while on vacation”, you have just seen 3 drip irrigation systems, any of which are simple and very useful.

Correct watering is the main concern of every plant owner and either system will do the trick. While the first is more traditional, the second plant watering system is more advanced but still very simple to use and effective.

Buy your Watering Globes or the automatic drip irrigation system now and rest assured.

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