Infrared Sauna Blanket and its Benefits

Infrared sweating blanket and its benefits

Sweat blankets are a type of sauna that can be done at home! These blankets emit infrared heat to various regions of the body. This heat makes you sweat intensely, like in a conventional sauna. Thus, there is loss of fluids and toxins from your body being extremely relaxing.

But, learn more.

Benefits of the Sweating Blanket

The benefits you will get are similar to a conventional sauna. See some of the most common ones.

  1. Reduces stress: The sauna has a strong relaxing effect, contributing to the reduction of tiredness. Yeah, she relieves accumulated muscle tension.
  2.  Eliminates toxins: Through sweat, many impurities and toxins are released. Therefore, they also have an anti-cellulite, detox and body shaping effect.
  3. Burning calories: There is a reduction in calories due to the heat, which also has a modeling effect.
  4. Speeds up metabolism.
  5. Helps the Immune system.

For several of these reasons, these sauna blankets are often used to reduce localized fat, reduce weight and eliminate cellulite. So, in addition to the health benefits, they are used in good aesthetic clinics.

Benefits of the Sweating Blanket


Despite being a method without major contraindications, some care must be taken in certain situations.

Do not use high temperatures if you have silicone implants. If you have a very high pressure, you should also avoid using it, as the sauna increases circulation. It is also not advised for use by pregnant women and people with cardiovascular diseases.

If in doubt, consult your specialist doctor.

Sweat Blanket – Opinions

There are several very positive opinions about infrared blankets and those who use them. Because, insofar as it is a form of dry sauna, it is very effective for relaxing and obtaining many of the aforementioned benefits.

Many people who already did sauna or sweating in clinics, chose to start doing it at home. Well, you have lower costs, you don't have to go to a clinic and the results are just as good.

Also, some people use this sauna blanket while watching a television program. It is therefore very pleasant.

Sweat Blanket – Where to Buy

Although there are several models of infrared blankets, they all work in a very similar way. Here, you can find a quality sweat blanket at a very affordable promotion price.

Infrared Sauna Thermal Blanket

This is a blanket with 2 infrared heat zones (top and bottom) for a much more complete result!

Infrared Sauna Thermal Blanket

How to use the Sauna Blanket

This  thermal sauna blanket It is very easy to use. Just unzip the main zip, slip inside and zip it up. The arms can be removed by opening the 2 smaller zips. In addition, you can control the functions with a remote control.

The 2 upper and lower heat zones can be used independently. You just have to choose the temperature levels for each one, according to your preference. It also has a timer that turns off after 30 minutes of non-use. In addition, it has a protection fuse for greater safety in case of overvoltage.

sauna blanket

Sauna Blanket Specifications

  • Material:
    • ABS
    • Polyester
    • Cotton
  • Type: Electric
  • Innovative Design
  • Multifunction: 2-in-1
  • Properties: Infrared heat system
  • FIR (Far Infrared Radiation)
  • Heat function: Sauna effect
  • Control panel: Button control
  • On/off button: On/off switch
  • Adjustable temperature: 35-80°C
  • Timer
  • LED screen: x3
  • Connection Cable: x2 (150 cm)
  • Type of zipper: Zip closure
  • Soft and pleasant to the touch: Quality materials
  • waterproof surface
  • Wide coverage: Fit for the whole body
  • Opening on both sides: Arms
  • Slimming effect: Promotes the elimination of fats and toxins
  • Relief, rest, relaxation and well-being: Unwind and relax your muscles
  • remote control
  • Light and pliable
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Overvoltage protection: 10A fuse
  • Power Cable: Removable
  • Cable Length: 140 cm
  • Plug Type: F
  • Power: 650 W
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • AC Input Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Measures approx .: 179 x 79 x 2 cm

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions by way of summary.

What is a sauna thermal blanket?

A sauna thermal blanket is a piece of equipment that uses heat to create a kind of “sauna” for the body. It is usually made of a heat-resistant material and covers the entire body from the waist to the feet. Yeah, its goal is to increase body temperature and stimulate perspiration, which helps eliminate toxins and reduce fluid retention.

How does the sauna thermal blanket work?

The sauna thermal blanket works by applying heat. The temperature can be adjusted according to the user's needs.

What are the benefits of a sauna thermal blanket?

The benefits of the sauna thermal blanket include reducing fluid retention, eliminating toxins, relieving muscle and joint pain, improving blood circulation and weight loss.

Is it safe to use a sauna thermal blanket?

Yes, it is safe as long as proper precautions are taken. It is important to drink water before and after using the thermal blanket to avoid dehydration. In addition, it is recommended to use the thermal blanket for a limited period of time, usually between 30 to 60 minutes, and not to exceed the maximum recommended temperature.

Who can use the sauna thermal blanket?

The sauna thermal blanket can be used by anyone who has no medical restrictions. However, it is important to consult a health professional before starting to use the thermal blanket, especially if you have heart problems, high blood pressure or diabetes.

How many times a week should I use the sauna thermal blanket?

The recommended frequency of use of the sauna thermal blanket varies according to the user's objectives. For weight loss, it is recommended to use the sauna thermal blanket 3 to 4 times a week. For detoxification and muscle relaxation, 1 to 2 times a week may be enough.

Is it necessary to follow a special diet when using the sauna thermal blanket?

It is not necessary to follow a special diet, but it is recommended to follow a balanced and healthy diet to enhance the effects of the sauna thermal blanket on weight loss.


If you like sauna or even if you have never been then you must try this infrared sweating blanket. Because, in addition to the many benefits, you will relax and feel very good.

Although it is very pleasant to use an infrared sauna blanket, it is recommended that you do not sweat more than 2 or 3 times a week.

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