Maserati men's watches at good prices


We know that when you think of quality watches, the first brand that comes to mind is Maserati. It's hard to resist luxury watches from this brand, especially when the prices are reasonable. And that's exactly what we bring you today – Maserati men's watches at affordable prices.

Why buy Maserati watches

Maserati men's watches can be an ideal gift! A birthday party, Christmas or a wedding… But, it doesn't matter why you're looking for good men's gifts. Well, to offer an important figure for you, wristwatches can be the best choice.

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Men's watches, when chosen well, give men a more elegant image, becoming a fashion accessory and essential to have.

maserati men's watches

These watches are inspired by the design of the cars of the Italian brand, now partially owned by Ferrari, which was founded in 1914 by the Maserati brothers. You may also know her from the world of luxury, sports and racing cars. men's watches Maserati are ideal for those who like to differentiate themselves with a lot of class.

Why Maserati watches

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose a Maserati watch from our store:

  • exceptional quality: each of watches is made with high quality materials, ensuring that you receive a long-lasting product that will stand the test of time.
  • Elegant style: With their sleek and sophisticated appearance, Maserati watches for men are a fashion statement in their own right. Well, they go perfectly with any outfit and complement your personal style.
  • Affordable prices: Here, at our store, we believe that everyone deserves a quality watch at a fair price. That's why we offer competitive prices on all our Maserati men's watches.

Learn more about the brand


She is well known in the world of luxury, sports and racing cars. The watch brand is known for its quality, elegance and luxury. Founded in 1914 in the Italian city of Bologna, the brand was born as a manufacturer of sports and racing cars. However, in 1997, the Italian company Binda Group acquired the license to produce Maserati watches, starting the production of luxury watches.

Plus, you get uniquely designed watches that embody the brand's passion for precision engineering and performance. Well, the watches have elegant and sporty lines, inspired by the design of the brand's cars, and are equipped with high-quality Swiss mechanisms.

It is a brand that stands out for its exclusive products. Its trident logo is a symbol of quality.

Brand Presence

The brand is present in several countries around the world, including Italy, Portugal, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Japan and China. With its global presence, the Maserati brand is recognized as a symbol of luxury and elegance around the world. Thus, these watches are ideal for distinguished men who like to stand out. The brand also has some models of women's watches!

Maserati Gold watch

Gold models are among the most sought after, but the beauty of the brand and its distinctive lines are visible in all models.

Maserati Gold watch

Maserati watches prices

Despite its quality, you can buy a wristwatch from this brand from 100 Euros! In addition, Maserati already offers some models of watches for women. See more below.

Prices and models

Types of Watches

You have 2 essential types of technologies, automatic watches and quartz battery models.

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Automatic Maserati watches and quartz battery models are two different types of watches with different functions. Here are the main differences between them:

  1. Mechanism: It is powered by the natural movement of the wrist. Well, it has an energy self-sufficiency mechanism powered by an internal rotor.
  2. Precision: Automatic watches tend to be less accurate than battery operated models with quartz.
  3. Maintenance: Automatic watches require more maintenance than battery operated models with quartz.
  4. Price: In general, automatic watches tend to be more expensive than battery-powered models with quartz. This is due to the complexity of the automatic watch's internal mechanism, the labor involved in its manufacture and the materials used.
  5. automatic style: Highly sought after by watch enthusiasts and collectors due to its heritage, complex engineering and aesthetic appeal.


If you're looking for a good watch, Maserati is undoubtedly a must-have brand. With an unmistakable class, it can be ideal for that special gift. In addition, you can get an incredible price on some of this brand's watch models.

Watches in blue and black are among the most sought after. However, the Maserati gold are also magnificent and luxurious.

In summary, we have a carefully chosen selection of Maserati watches for men that are sure to suit your needs. Come check out our collection and find the perfect watch for you!

Discover all models

Discover all models. In addition, you have a wide choice of men's watches in our online store.

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    Maserati R8873612011 women's watch
  • S0349523_0
    Maserati men's watch R8873621005 (Ø 45 mm)
  • S0358603_0
    Maserati men's watch R8873640002 (Ø 44 mm)
  • S0360835_0
    Maserati men's watch R8873642004 (Ø 45 mm)
  • S0353697_0
    Maserati men's watch R8873639002 (Ø 43 mm)
  • S7233227_0
    Maserati SUCCESSO SOLAR women's watch
  • S0337332_0
    Maserati men's watch R8873621009 (Ø 44 mm)
  • S0354147_0
    Maserati men's watch R8873612031 (Ø 45 mm)
  • S0337328_0
    Maserati men's watch R8871612025 (Ø 45 mm)
  • S0351551_0
    Maserati men's watch R8871612028 (Ø 45 mm)
  • S0364278_0
    Maserati men's watch R8873645003 (Ø 45 mm)
  • S0341387_0
    Maserati men's watch R8873612008 (Ø 45 mm)
  • S0349520_0
    Maserati men's watch R8871621008 (Ø 45 mm)
  • S7234136_0
    Maserati R8871633002 Men's Watch
  • S0360832_0
    Maserati men's watch R8871612023 (Ø 45 mm)
  • S0333499_0
    Maserati men's watch R8853118002 (Ø 42 mm)
  • S0351556_0
    Maserati men's watch R8873612006 (Ø 45 mm)
  • S0341388_0
    Maserati men's watch R8873612009 (Ø 45 mm)
  • S0356214_0
    Maserati men's watch R8873621004 (Ø 45 mm)
  • S0351554_0
    Maserati men's watch R8871621005 (ø 44 mm)
  • S0349511_0
    Maserati men's watch R8853118003 (Ø 43 mm)
  • S0349527_0
    Maserati men's watch R8873625003 (Ø 42 mm)
  • S0351550_0
    Maserati watch (Ref. R8871612024, 45 mm)
  • S0356213_0
    Maserati men's watch R8873618009 (Ø 42 mm)
  • S0354144_0
    Men's wristwatch Maserati R8853100017 (Ø 43 mm)
  • S0360785_0
    Men's wristwatch Maserati R8823121001 (ø 44 mm)
  • S7232348_0
    Maserati POTENZA watch (Ø 45 mm)
  • S0368648_0
    Maserati R8851108508 women's watch
  • S7209508_0
    Smart watch Maserati TRAGUARDO
  • S0364839_0
    Men's wristwatch Maserati R8851112001 (Ø 45 mm)
  • S0354708_0
    Men's wristwatch Maserati R8853100020 (Ø 43 mm)
  • S0360834_0
    Men's wristwatch Maserati R8873642002 (Ø 45 mm)
  • S0349525_0
    Men's wristwatch Maserati R8873621007 (Ø 45 mm)
  • S0351548_0
    Men's wristwatch Maserati R8853140003 (Ø 40 mm)
  • S0363565_0
    Men's wristwatch Maserati R8873642006 (Ø 45 mm)
  • S0361781_0
    Men's wristwatch Maserati R8873642007 (Ø 45 mm)
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