The Best Clothesline Dryer

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Discover some of the best clothes racks that allow you to dry clothes inside your home. Do you have difficulty drying your clothes? So, don't miss out on some of the most complete electric and normal heated drying racks.

 You can opt for a vertical, horizontal, folding, wall-mounted, hanging drying rack, etc. Well, it all depends on the space you have available.

Clotheslines Electric or Normal?

There are numerous models of clothes drying racks on the market. However, an electric drying rack allows you to dry clothes inside your home. An electric model can also be used as a common clothesline and when connected to clothes it dries faster.

The choice is yours.

There are low power drying racks and, although they take some time to dry clothes, they consume less energy.

Electric clothesline works – Opinions?

Electric drying rack works

There are many opinions about electric clotheslines, but they work well. It all depends on what you want and that's why you should choose the drying rack or dryer that suits you. If you want to dry clothes in an hour or two, then you should opt for a dryer. But, these use much more electricity. Read the point below!

Can I Dry My Clothes Faster?

Yes. In addition to electric clotheslines, you can also opt for a drying rack clothes. These are designed to dry clothes faster using hot air. Clothes are usually also dried flat, which makes them easier to iron later.

So, the 4 basic types of clotheslines that you will see next are:

  1. Conventional drying rack (slow drying)
  2. Clothes dryer (hot air, quick drying)
  3. Drying rack with heated bars (moderate drying)
  4. Hanger with natural air drying (moderate drying)

Recommended models of drying racks

In our Home section, you can find a selection of specific products.

Some clotheslines are combined. Thus, they allow drying clothes and also shoes. In addition, shoe dryers and bathroom towel rails are also widely used. See some recommended models.

Air Electric Hanger

To dry your items faster and more naturally, you can opt for the new model (2023 / 2024) with air flow.

Well, this one combines the characteristics of a natural dryer (unheated air) and drying rack. In addition, this electric clothes drying rack has wheels to be able to move it or even store it very easily.

Folding Electric Clothesline with Air Flow


  • Faster and more uniform drying
  • Easy to move (wheels)
  • Low consumption
  • High capacity (12 bars, 2 floors)
  • Uses little space and is collapsible


  • slightly higher price

Electric Clothes Rack (8 Rods)

This model is one of the most economical and has the advantage of being stored in a small space.

Electric Clothes Rack (8 Rods)

Only the bars heat up to a comfortable temperature. So it is safe and there is no risk of touching and burning. It has 120 watts of power making it a very economical model.

A good help for those who have nowhere to hang their clothes. Especially in winter and rainy days or if you don't like to use a conventional tumble dryer.

  • Max temperature: 50-55°C.
  • Voltage: 220V-240V.
  • Power: 120 W.


  • Easy assembly
  • Easy storage
  • Marginal
  • reduced consumption
  • Low price


  • Less uniform drying than models with airflow or dryers

You can also opt for a smaller electric indoor drying rack with heated bars, as there is the same model but with only 6 bars and 100 watts of power.

Electric Drying Rack with Tabs (20 Bars and 230 W)

An even better alternative is this clothesline, as it has wings and greater power. This way, you can hang more clothes. These are the favorite models in 2024.

Vertical Electric Clothesline (36 Bars) 300W

If you prefer a drying rack with the highest power heated bars, then you can opt for this model. Because, it has greater capacity to dry clothes and being vertical also takes up little space.

Vertical Electric Clothesline


  • Easy assembly
  • Easy storage
  • Large capacity (3 shelves and 36 bars)
  • Uses little space and is collapsible
  • Up to 15 kg of clothing


  • higher price

Portable Electric Clothes Dryer

You can also choose a electric clothes dryer if you want even faster drying, despite the higher energy consumption.

Portable Electric Clothes Dryer

This dryer reaches a high temperature of 70 °C so it sterilizes clothes and removes odors.

  • The outer cover is removable. It can be hand washed.
  • It has a zip to protect clothes from dust and dirt from the environment.
  • It has a safety thermostat to prevent overheating.
  • The timer allows you to program the drying time.


  • Sterilizes and eliminates odors
  • Faster clothes drying
  • Automatic with timer (30-180 min)
  • Silent
  • Easy to move (has wheels)


  • Price a little higher
  • Higher energy consumption

Clothes rack with wheels

If you prefer a high quality clothes line that is not electric, then you can opt for this model. It is collapsible, has wheels and can be adapted according to the clothes you want to dry. Well, it has four folding side flaps and two top flaps that can open and close according to the amount of clothing.

Clothes rack with wheels


  • very stable
  • Multipositions
  • Adjustable
  • Resistant
  • Easy handling (wheels with brakes)
  • Side and folding flaps (top and bottom)
  • Removable telescopic support (delicate clothes)


  • it's not electric

Vertical drying rack (38 bars)

Additionally, it has the new 38-bar drying rack. It has 4 wheels with safety brakes, 6 independent folding wheels and even shoe holders.

It is equivalent to having an 18,7 meter drying line. Furthermore, it supports up to 20 kg of clothes and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

This 2023 model is similar to the previous one, but has shoe supports.

It's not electric.

Extendable Clothes Hanger (Retractable)

If you have a space of up to 4 meters and prefer conventional clotheslines, then you can opt for the retractable model. It is an extendable wall drying rack.

Retractable Clothes Hanger

This way, you only stretch the wire when you need it and in a very simple way. In addition, you can use it as a drying rack outside (on a balcony or in an open space) or indoors.

Supports a maximum weight of 20 kg. Although it has been designed to be used with hangers, it can also be used to hang clothes with clips or directly on the rope, depending on the piece and the use that is given to it.

Electric Footwear Dryer

Although some clotheslines already have a section for drying shoes, you can have a separate shoe dryer, sneakers.

With a capacity for 4 pairs (8 sneakers, shoes, etc.), this dryer will be a great help.

Electric Footwear Dryer

Vertical Folding Clothesline with Wheels (24 Bars)

If you prefer a non-electric clothes rack but with plenty of space, you can opt for this one. Yeah, it has 24 metal bars that are equivalent to a total of 17 m of ropes to hang all kinds of clothes.

Vertical Folding Clothesline with Wheels (24 Bars)

This drying rack is portable and of great capacity and stability. Well, its vertical and foldable design allows maximum use and space saving.

vertical drying rack

Another highly sought after model is the vertical drying rack, as it is foldable and extendable with 3 levels.

It is not electric, but it is ideal for hanging clothes at home in a small space. Its design allows it to be adapted to the amount of clothes to be hung at any given time and to be stored in a practical way.

drying rack

Balcony clotheslines are particularly useful as they hold onto any railing. There are several very practical and simple models.

Despite this, extendable and/or folding drying racks are also widely used on balconies.

Some extendable drying racks can be used both indoors and outdoors. Some are good for hanging sheets, blankets and larger, heavier items of clothing.


You have just seen some of the best electric and conventional clothes drying racks, because with them your clothes and shoes will dry faster. They are very useful for drying clothes inside your home during those colder and humid days.

If you are looking for a faster drying rack, then you can opt for a model with hot air of the dryer type or with heated bars.

Alternatively, you can use a non-electric drying rack or opt for a cold, natural air model. The latter helps to dry the laundry more evenly without damaging the laundry.

more models

You can find these and other models of clothes racks, dryers and towel rails in the section property, like these next.