The best IPL epilators

best IPL epilators

Learn all about pulsed light hair removal.

What is IPL hair removal?

Intense Pulsed Light technology (IPL) or sometimes also called laser hair removal (incorrectly) is based on the application of light pulses to the skin. It is a very effective depilation. Because after a few sessions, the hair stops growing and the light acts directly on the root.

advanced IPL technology

Pulsed Light Epilator Does it work?

Yes. Pulsed light epilators work well, but be careful how you use them. Because, these have a functioning and results different from conventional models.

Find out more below.

Pulsed Light Epilators – Myths and Opinions

Although IPL epilators are not new anymore, there are still some myths! See some myths and false opinions.

Myth: There is a risk of burns

It's completely false. IPL epilators are perfectly suited to the skin. There is no risk of creating stains or burns.

Myth: Hair removal is permanent

It's fake. IPL hair removal is long-lasting. However, it is not definitive. Hair will grow back, but finer and after a longer period of time. Therefore, pulsed light epilators are used periodically.

Myth: One session is enough to eliminate hair

It is also not true. In the first session, some hair is removed. You can even see log results at first, but the total elimination of hair is progressive.

What are the advantages of IPL hair removal?

The advantages are many, but see the main ones.

1) It's a painless waxing. It's not about plucking or cutting the hair, so it's the gentle way to epilate.

2) Quick results. The depilation is not instantaneous, it is quite fast and effective considering its durability.

3) It cannot be considered a permanent hair removal, however the hair takes much longer to grow and they are born thinner. You can switch to using your IPL epilator and abandon the other methods you used.

Pulsed Light Epilator

Summary of Pros and Cons of IPL hair removal

  • Smooth and painless shaving.
  • Long-lasting hair removal.
  • Maximum effectiveness for dark hair and fair skin.
  • It can be used in any region of the body.
  • Not recommended for people with very dark skin.

How to use a pulsed light epilator?

Very briefly, as you should always follow your epilator's manual.

Step 1: remove all visible hair from the area you want to treat, with your usual hair removal method. Photo epilation works at the root of the hair, so at least the first time you should do conventional epilation.

Step 2: Adjust the correct intensity according to your epilator manual to have the right light for your skin.

Step 3: Place the epilator head in contact with the skin to ensure the product works well. Keep the button pressed and treat along the skin. This process rarely takes more than 10 minutes for the legs.

Step 4: Do the first IPL epilation sessions over the first few weeks and then just use the epilator once a month.

You will get excellent results in just 8 weeks. And from now on, you will no longer need the usual epilation, just your light epilator!

Which epilator should I buy?

There are numerous models of IPL epilators, some of which we will summarize below. The purchase often depends on what you want to invest.

It is important to note that you will end up having your hair removal at home, thus saving time, money and effort with the use of this form of hair removal.

Na NAcloset you can find our light epilator collection which is part of our general epilator collection.

 See recommended models.

Pulsed Light Epilator with Accessories (Recommended)

This is the latest pulsed light epilator as it was released at the end of 2022. Now you can get access to a good brand at an incredible promotion price.

It is a ready-to-use template. Well, this electric epilator comes with the accessories that provide you with everything for an optimal epilation (epilator machine and IPL goggles).

This epilator has a eye protection system🇧🇷 It prevents the emission of light pulses if the surface to be treated is not in full contact with the skin. In addition, you have IPL goggles included and you should always use them.

Furthermore, with this pulsed light epilator you can choose between two modes. Well, depending on your preferences, it has a manual mode for small areas (groin, armpits, etc.) and automatic mode for larger areas (arms, legs, etc.).

Electric Pulsed Light Epilator (IPL)

One of the cheapest models and still of great quality, but which is being replaced by the previous one.

Thanks to its advanced IPL (Intense Pulse Light) technology, it applies pulses of light to the hair root, causing the follicle to enter a resting phase. Because, it inhibits its regeneration and causes the amount of hair to gradually decrease, leaving the skin increasingly smooth and hair free.

Electric Pulsed Light Epilator (IPL)

The treatment area achieved with each pulse is 3cm², with a wavelength of 570-1100nm and a working temperature range of 5-35℃. This electric epilator has a modern design and is light and compact, so it is easy to carry and takes up little space.

Includes a manual with detailed instructions for use and infographics of evolution for weeks.

By following the instructions, you can expect excellent results in just 8 weeks. In addition, it is ideal for quick and effective hair removal at home. Thus, you save time, money and effort.

IPL Epilator (SkinCare)

The IPL Epilator (Bamba SkinCare IPL Quartz) has a system of 5 levels of intensity so it adapts to almost all skin types. Also, you can use it on your body, underarms, bikini line and even on your face.

IPL Epilator (SkinCare)


You have just seen some models of IPL epilators, how they work and even some of the opinions and myths. Pulsed light epilators work and are in fact very efficient. Because, after a first removal of the hair, it is enough to use the epilator once a month to prevent its growth.

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