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Discover the new inverted umbrellas. Well, they are revolutionary and have been replacing conventional models. In rainy weather, many of us are looking for an umbrella that is wind resistant, easy to store and effective. In addition, if it is automatic it will make its use much easier.

There are automatic umbrellas that not only open at the push of a button but also close. Furthermore, if we add an inverted umbrella to this function, you can have the perfect solution!

What is an Inverted Umbrella?

An inverted umbrella is nothing more than a model that opens and closes in reverse. They have an innovative mechanism that allows them to open and close so you don't get wet. So, when leaving or entering the car, or anywhere else, the wet surface stays inside, preventing water from running.

See the latest model.

Automatic inverted umbrella

This new model has 2 push buttons. One to open and the other to close! In addition to being resistant, reinforced and inverted, it is doubly automatic.

How it works

This inverted umbrella opens with just one hand! Well, just press the open button. To close, press the button for automatic folding, finishing completely manually.

opens with just one hand

It is perfect for getting in or out of the car without getting wet on rainy days, as it closes unlike a conventional umbrella. In addition, it has a reflective line and an LED light that favor visibility on rainy days with low light or at night, improving your safety.

In short, it's small when folded (6,5 x 32 cm), windproof, reinforced with sticks and foldable so you can store it anywhere.

It is ideal for both men and women.

Pros and cons


  • wind resistant
  • Reinforced with 10 metal rods
  • Wide coverage, quick drying
  • Multifunctional, versatile, LED light on the handle
  • Contour with 360º reflective line on the edge
  • Visibility and safety in the dark
  • Non-slip cable
  • automatic opening button
  • Closure strap with velcro
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Sturdy, lightweight, compact, takes up little space


  • Higher price than a conventional model

You can also opt for a more conventional model, such as the Inverted Closing Umbrella!

Baby Umbrella

In addition to our flagship model, we have a special collection of children's umbrellas. See some models below or consult our collection of Children's umbrellas and caps.


You've just seen a new sturdy, automatic umbrella, which is among the best. Because, in addition to being inverted, it offers impressive features and functionality.

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