Top Bags and Backpacks for Laptops in 2023


Anyone who owns a tablet, netbook or notebook knows how complicated it is to transport them safely. That's because just putting them in a regular bag doesn't solve the problem. On the contrary, it is possible to make everything worse that way. Therefore, it is important to have the top laptop bags and backpacks in 2023 on our list.

They are the ones who will ensure that your electronics are transported safely. That is, you will prevent damage to laptops simply by using the correct bag. Check now what are the items and transport your electronics from one place to another without fear!

1. Bag for Laptop FC Barcelona 15,6” (Black)

Cover for FC Barcelona 15,6” Laptop (Black)

Are you part of the group of those who are madly in love with football? Then the top laptop bags and backpacks in 2023 has an item chosen for you!

This is because FC Barcelona 15,6” Laptop Case (Black) It's great for storage and showing your passion for the team. Still don't know how? Just check out the cute football club emblem on the front!

In graphite color and with brown details, the cover still has an adjustable and removable black strap. For those who want to carry it by hand, there are dark upper wings that are easy to hold. That way you can use it however you want!

With a capacity of up to 4L, this bag is capable of storing laptops up to 15,6″ in size. That is, most standard notebooks and tablets will fit without difficulty.

In addition, the bag is mainly composed of polyester, ensuring its high durability. To open and close the bag with ease, just use the zip.

2. Targus Laptop Case (15.6″)

Targus Laptop Case

Oops, do you want to store more items without losing the bag's compact style? Then you can say goodbye to your complications right now!

With an elegant design, the Targus Laptop Case TBB58702GL Gray 15.6″ may be just right for your needs! Present in graphite gray, it has several compartments to store different items. That way, you can store much more than just your notebook.

Already having a minimalist and smooth look, this item is ideal to take to work or college. You will then be able to use it daily without any fear. Perfect also for any gender!

Oh, and want to know an amazing extra feature that the bag offers? It has two different handles! While one can be used as a backpack, the other allows you to carry it by hand.

3. Gorjuss 14,1” Laptop Bag

Gorjuss Laptop Bag

For those who are looking for something more colorful, the list of top laptop bags and backpacks in 2023 can also help!

This is because Gorjuss First prize Laptop Bag 14,1” Lilac enough to change the scenario with all its cuteness. Unlike other laptop bags, this one has a unique and colorful candy print.

On the front, the bag has a design of a cute little girl holding her candy and teddy bear. On the back there is a print full of sweets and cute items with a picture of the little girl. And all this without losing its color palette with pink, lilac and yellow.

Its measures 37.5 x 29.5 x 6 cm allow you to store devices with screens up to 14,1″. And to carry them, just use the shoulder strap or the top handle. That is, two handles to use the bag however you want!

And when we look at its composition, we find polyester to bring high durability. In addition, both the outside and the inside have a padded lining. Which will ensure that your notebook or tablet is always safe.

4. Harry Potter Laptop Case

Harry Potter Laptop Bag

Oops! Do we have a fan of the famous Hogwarts wizard around here? Ah, so we need to tell you an unmissable news: the top bags and backpacks for laptops in 2023 came to cheer you up! Do you want to know how?

This is possible because the Harry Potter Blue Laptop Bag It has a beautiful print of JK Rowling's character. To show you, the bag has details of the famosa saga. This is the case with the four Hogwarts house emblems scattered across the surface.

Made from 100% polyester, the bag offers long-lasting durability to use it without fear. Which also guarantees a good cleaning whenever necessary. And if you want to avoid washing it often, just wipe it with a damp cloth whenever possible!

Its dimensions of 18 x 2 x 25 cm allow you to store standard size laptops. And to open or close it easily, one of the two zip fasteners is used.

And finally, the dark blue color of the bag makes it unisex. That is, girls and boys will be able to use it without problems in different situations. That way, you'll be able to carry your laptops in a beautiful bag from your favorite saga!

5. Safta 2 wheel laptop trolley (15,6”)

Safta 2 wheel laptop trolley (

Okay, so you're not looking for a backpack or a carry-on bag? If that's the case for you, there's nothing to worry about either. Each of our lists has been created with the utmost care, as we are always thinking of the best products for everyone.

And that's why the top laptop bags and backpacks in 2023 has the perfect item! Available in black, the Laptop trolley 2 wheels Safta 15,6” came to improve your routine.

This is because the backpack (trolley) has 2 wheels capable of assisting in transporting it. That is, you will be able to store your items without fear of having to carry weight. This makes it ideal for taking to work or the airport, for example.

In its composition, it is possible to find: polypropylene, steel, nylon and PVC. Therefore, the wheeled backpack has the best materials on the market for greater durability.

With a maximum capacity of 32L, the trolley has two spacious compartments. While one 15,6″ stores notebooks, the other 10,6″ is ideal for storing tablets and the like.

But on top of all that, the Safta backpack has an unmissable feature: a USB connector. With this function it is possible to charge devices easily. Just plug it into the input on the side of the backpack and that's it! Amazing, isn't it?


Carrying tablets and notebooks can be a daunting task for some. That's because it is necessary to be careful when storing these laptops. Otherwise, the result can be scratches and even broken parts.

And that's why you should bet on a special laptop bag or bag. That way, your belongings will always be protected. You can trust the items we have selected from our list, selected with care.

But before choosing your favorite, check out some more options here:

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