Cell Phones and Smartphones – ANGOLA

Cell Phones and Smartphones - ANGOLA

A NAcloset decided to resume supplies of mobile phones and smartphones to Luanda and in general to Angola. We have been renewing the offer of technological products, now with all models and brands available for delivery in this country.

In Luanda, Angola and in all provinces, in addition to the usual Apples such as the iPhone 6, 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, all models and brands are now available for delivery.

You can find and order at good prices new mobile phones from brands like Samsung, Huawei, Iphones Apple, SPC, Realme, Cubot, Xiaomi and many others. In the domain of Apple smartphones, we present refurbished models at very low prices.

Refurbished mobile phones have been checked and validated by the brand, with Apple's warranty. It is a way to get cheap and high quality equipment.

How to buy?

To buy your mobile phone, you just have to follow the usual process. Simply place your order at our online store and you will receive your products at home, sent by express mail. In the case of Angola, shipments are almost always made via UPS, when it comes to mobile phones or battery-powered equipment.

You will also receive information on the tracking number for each order you place.

How to choose your Smartphone?

To choose your products you can directly visit our mobile phone collection.

If you only want to view and buy equipment from a single brand, just select the brand on this page or use one of the links of the desired brand (Samsung, Huawei, Apple, SPC, Realme, Cubot, Xiaomi, etc.) found in each product .

You can also go to our page of Brands, chaos is already available there.

You can also see our general collection of mobile phones and tablets.

What is the delivery time in Angola?

Delivery times in Luanda Angola or any province are around 5 to 10 working days on average for mobile phones, smartphones and the like.

Can I order more products?

Yes. Your order may have different products in addition to smartphones. You might for example want one tablets, smartwatch or any other product. The shipping fee is automatically calculated according to the number of products, their weight and volume.

In the case of some African countries (Angola, Mozambique, Gabon, Cameroon, Central Africa, South Africa, etc.), shipping may be lower per item if you order more than one product. You should only not mix products that are Free Shipping in the same order, as they have a different treatment.

We hope you like it and any question you can contact us as usual!

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