What is Shiatsu Massage and how does it work?

What is Shiatsu Massage and How Does it Work?

Shiatsu is one of several different types of massage therapy. Therapeutic Shiatsu originated in Japan based on traditional Chinese medicine and western therapies. They are, therefore, techniques that amplify the healing capacity of the body itself.

Shiatsu massages help dilate blood vessels, improve circulation, improve posture and relieve tension throughout the body.

You can find different body massagers on the market that, in one way or another, are inspired by this technique.

Benefits of Shiatsu

Shiatsu regulates the automatic activity of the nervous system and stimulates the circulatory, lymphatic, and hormonal systems. Poor posture, joint problems, sprains, arthritis, sciatica, acute and chronic neck and back pain, sinusitis and bronchitis are all treatable with Shiatsu.

Contraindications of Shiatsu

Although this type of massage does not have major contraindications, there are situations where its practice requires specialized evaluation. This is the case for people with osteoporosis, cancer, varicose veins, neoplasms and infections. During massages, you should not press on edema, fractures or swelling.

What is the origin of Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is an ancient traditional Chinese healing method. Shiatsu means "finger pressure". Pressure and stretching are key in shiatsu therapy. Shiatsu was developed by the Chinese around 530 BC In the XNUMXth century, a Buddhist monk, Gan Jin Osho brought imperial medicine from China that included Oriental Carrot, Tao-yin and Anma to Japan.

These Therapies reached a peak in Japan during the Edo Period (1601-1867) when a decision was made requiring each physician to master the oriental bodywork before they were allowed to diagnose or use any method in their practice.

The technique evolved in Japan, South Asia and Korea, where it was widely practiced.

In 1919, Tamai Tempaku, (later considered the founder of shiatsu school of Bodywork) published his second book entitled 'Shiatsu Ho' (finger pressure therapy). Thus, Tempaku was known for its exhaustive study of therapies eurohoops of anatomy, physiology, massage and oriental bodywork.

In 1925, the “Association of Shiite Therapists” was formed in Japan. During the post-World War II reorganization and Allied occupation of Japan, Harikyu Shiatsu, as Japanese medicine is called was banned by General McArthur. He was reinstated, however, because of the huge outcry of the Japanese people. Thus, in the mid-1950's, Shiatsu was recognized as a legitimate form of therapy by the Japanese government.

Shiatsu has evolved into many different methods while maintaining the original intent. In 1980, Harold Dull from California developed a Shiatsu method called Shiatsu Zen.

Recommended Shiatsu Massagers

See some massagers inspired by the shiatsu technique.

1. Shiatsu massager (neck, back, etc.)

A shiatsu body massager with a modern and compact design that makes it easy to use. In addition, it takes up little space and is portable.

Shiatsu Massager

You can use this electric shiatsu massager in many ways. Well, it is suitable for a general massage and can be used on any part of the body (neck, back, lower back, legs, etc.). Thus, it is ideal for combating stress, giving a calming and restorative massage as well as a pleasant relief and relaxation effect.

It has 4 bi-directional rotating heads that make highly beneficial circular motions, allowing the direction of rotation to be changed.

You have a heat function that is independent and consists of an infrared light that increases the calming sensation of well-being. In addition, it has automatic shutdown and adjustable speed to select the desired intensity level. In addition, its back elastic strap is perfect for attaching the massager to the back of a chair, car headrest, etc. Includes a network adapter and a car adapter cable.

2. Shiatsu Thermal Massage Seat

Based on the ancient Japanese technique of shiatsu, which channels vital energy through pressure on certain points of the body. Thus, this thermal massage seat is ideal for relaxing your muscles and providing a pleasant feeling of well-being. Well, the seat acts effectively on the neck, back, waist and thigh.

3. Thermal Shiatsu Massager (2 in 1) for feet

East Shiatsu massager It was designed for the feet, but you can use it on the cervical, lumbar, legs, back, etc.

The eight rotating heads perform bidirectional movements for a deep massage effect that relaxes the instep and sole of the foot. In addition, it has three speeds for greater or lesser massage intensity.

If you are looking for foot massagers, be sure to check out our article the best foot massagers.

4. Shiatsu Pro Massager (With Infrared)

This is a professional grade massager. Plus, you can use it anywhere, including your car, as an adapter is included.

Best Shiatsu Massagers

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