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The Best Spa Day Body Products

The Best Spa Day Body Products

It is important to enjoy a SPA day and take care of ourselves. For this, trust the best body care products. Everyone deserves a day of rest and beauty to replenish spent energy. And with you it wouldn't be any different, would it? And to guarantee that time with yourself, bet on the best products[…]

Eyeliners and Eye Pencils for a Powerful Look


Eyeliner is a versatile item that, when paired with an eyeliner, draws attention to the eyes. So don't leave it out of your makeup! Egyptian style, kitten, angel wing, graphic, double… There are countless possibilities when it comes to creating your eyeliner. For that, just count on the eyeliners and pencils of[…]

Unmissable Christmas Decoration Items for Your Home

Christmas is coming and your home will need to convey this festivity. So choose the best Christmas decoration items! As December arrives, the Christmas atmosphere begins to appear little by little in the streets around the world. Colored globes, twinkle lights, Santa Claus costumes… It’s amongst a sea of ​​green,[…]

Infrared Lamp and Health

infrared lamp

Infrared lamps are increasingly used in physiotherapy, rehabilitation medicine or just to relieve pain and increase well being. There are also specific applications in the world of aesthetics. For example, you now also have face and body massagers that use infrared light. What is infrared light? Its about[…]

Training at home can be fun!

Training at home can be fun

            Practicing physical exercise is extremely important. It is through exercise that we manage to release most of the frustrations, we release energy that helps us regulate sleep, the nervous system, among many other benefits that it brings us physically and psychologically. However, it is not always easy to have access to a space to exercise.[…]

What They Are and How to Use Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrator

Rabbit vibrators are among the most sought after as they offer double or even triple pleasure. These sex toys have a plug on the side, which, because of its resemblance to a rabbit, has given them the name of rabbit. They became best known with the American television series “Sex and the City”. Learn about the best[…]

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